Poetry Prompts

Poetry Prompts

Art is long and yet within writing poetry shall always rest a place of solace and a rapturous joy not meant to be described. So in this post of mine I wish to inspire the lost personas who have been working hard in unraveling their inner poet. Over here I have summed up only a few. Stay tuned for more poetry prompts on divtales.

#1 Dreams

Effortlessly one of the best poetry prompt dreams is a great topic to write a poem on.

#2 An unknown blow

Now haven’t we all experienced a bitter blow this 2020. The pandemic , schools shut , entertainment zones rendered unavailable all this by a lifeless entity. The poem may not be solely on this. Expand your horizon.

#3 Fate

Fate… So unpredictable… Make your story a poem . However bleak and bitter the plot may be a good poem with lyricals and metaphors always had it backed up.

#4 A thought

One has thousands of restless thoughts with each dawn but are we brave enough to pen it down. Try it yourself!

#5 Mirth

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come and let a good poem lay itself through the footprints of time.

#6 Solace

The prompt is self explanatory. Too personified for someone unknown like me to explain. Think . Think beyond thine own mind.


A Sizzling Summer

The year 2020, mankind received a terrible blow- a blow not willing to refrain. The chinese ‘civilians’ conducted their affairs – perfection and manipulation their key principles. Amidst the very year rose the grounds of racial discrimination. Black men died in the hands of the white. And during that very awful and melancholic year could we see a rise of a major climatic change- the sudden uproar of ultraviolet rays too blinding for humankind to bear. I tell all this and narrate much more not by skill or sheer excellence of world happenings but as a mere spectator utterly dumbfounded and flabbergasted by circumstance.

        20th June, 2020. The sun shone in ever mighty grace – its scorching rays relinquishing greenish blue waters to heaven unknown. Online petitions so far being signed for reducing CFC’s nearly forgotten. It happens in such days that in the air conditioner resides a place of solace and that in cool slushies and beverages a pure bliss. Therefore it had been quite a disappointment for refreshments to be rendered unavailable – a collateral damage due to the ongoing pandemic. It would be much expected for us wherefore to loll all day, the comfort of the sofa looking so pleading and welcoming- the coolers moaning to over usage. My father however after a few groans and bellyaching to himself headed out the door with his black monogram umbrella in order to fetch a few medicines. We understood his plight with ease needless to say he didn’t quite comprehend ours for upon his arrival we were bound to hear how the sun tanned his skin and how the road tar had softened , too swelled up by heat. Pablo, our ever eccentric love , an endearing beagle pup had his water filled every hour and his dollops of drools further weakened our spirits. My mother filled the bird feeder with cool soothing water satisfied of having done her part. Ravens and a few hump necked immbiscle pigeons had by the time in hushed clear tones started their rat race – the remnants of which I had to clear later with utter disgrace and sheer disapproval for the matter. At some time around six in the eve i dared to walk out in aspiration of a brisk walk all covered in PPE’s. The residence bore a haunted eerie look masked under a cool breeze. The hour seemed but not right. It appeared to be noon that i had stepped out but the thought seemed mistaken. The tree foliage had dried up. Birds frothed up our once clean swimming pool. What a negativeness seemed to lay itself on the air which beheld not a child’s laughter nor his cry. Utterly baffled by what the whole scenario , i hastened home.The gleaming sun had been ever a burden on solemn poor souls.A sigh of relief casted itself on return as the sweated clothing were flung forth the foamy machine. What an immense pleasure was it to once again be sheltered abound by luxuries. My ever considerate mother greeted me with some cool refreshing lemonade for media informed her of ascorbic acid being a good defense against the covid 19. All that was now to be awaited on was for the tiresome day to dawn and when it did a weight lifted itself.

                                 Global warming as we witness is no longer a prediction but a thought turning itself to reality at a bamboozling rate. It is with horrifying glances engulfing mankind – an act of a preys revenge. The aggregation of our deeds has furthermore added to the torment. Emission of Greenhouse gases and depletion of natural resources add to the global climatic change. And all we do is remain cocooned by such a polluted environment in hopes of receiving no blow which is but no distant fantasy. All we pray is for you to join the green mission. To save not only thyself but the entire world. Be a saviour. Seize the chance!


Unveil the hood thee encave into
unveil the joys thee withholdeth
unveil the buckler thee emb onto
and alloweth the tale beest toldeth
unveil the narrow walls of caste and cre’d
shuning all the exsufflicate gre’d
unveil the depths of mind
alloweth the expressions floweth
alloweth the w’rds beest did cast upon
refraining an evil bloweth
unveil a landeth thee nev’r kneweth
beest a creat’r thee f’rev’r withheld within thee
unveil a smileth so needy
alloweth someone shineth
unveil a favour saintly
and blessings beest showeth’r’d upon thee
god blesseth in unveil’r
a veil’d et’rnal soul  
a soul showcasing mankind
deeds of a lifetime
and the journey of life being toldeth

Bygone Days…

Oh why need the days be so long,
So tiresome
So wearisome,
A burden on ever so poor souls-
Not a joy to behold,
Not a way to smile,
Not a way to console,
Those days where did they go?
Weren’t they here just a second ago!!
When work was unknown;
When we could sail on distant shores,
And daydream the day throughout—
Listen but little of those who would yell and shout_
When misery got paid no heed;
When the day dawned with but no creed;
Those days what days they had been,
But age took all gain
Which seldom could be seen,
Now when time fleets by
And art is ever so long,
Why couldn’t we be heaping?
Singing earth’s ever peaceful song.
A treble ever so sweet,
Relinquishing all the days heat;
But that shall forever rest in a distant end.
As we fight the heavens battle once but once again……..

Ideal inspiration award🏆

Thank you so much Arushi(https://aruspeaks.wordpress.com) for nominating me for this award . You are much of an awesome blogger yourself and your poetry is one to be admired on . Some of your poems I really liked were’ I thought’ and ‘the bullying game ‘. Would love to hear more from your posts.


Q1. What new hobby did you pick up during quarantine?

As such I am not the type of person to delve into one type of hobby but I did definitely love drawing sketches during this time . I have also started improving my blogs and am enjoying myself quite much.

Q2. What is your favourite book ?

Personally i have many favourites . Some are :

1. Gone with the wind – Kristin Hannah

2. Nightangle- Kristin Hannah

3. Girl on the train – Paula Hawkins

4. And then there were none – Agatha Christie

Q3. Describe yourself in three words ?

I guess they would be choosy , good natured and attentive ( I am also very lazy tbh)

Q4. If you could have one superpower what would it be ?

Knowing what’s next would be a great superpower. It would not only help me comprehend my actions in advance but would ease life altogether

My nominees:

Arushi Jain

Rtw Roxy

Tarushi parashkar

Questions :

1. Has this period influenced you in any way ?

2. One thing you would like to have ?

3. What have you indulged in during quarantine?

4. Favourite blog you have read on WordPress as of yet ?(except your own blogs)

5. What is that one app you would like to recommend to your viewers?

The dream catcher

It’s fleecy soft feathers gently adrift in the air call upon thee ,

It’s semestral patterns illuminated by the circular horizon makes it an enigmatic experience

I emb onto the four corners of thy birth

Awaiting a slumbersome retirement ,

My eyes have shut down –

Shutdown but only for a night ,

My fatigued body tries to retire

It ends in profound dismay .

My mind occludes with bizzare thoughts unknown

The twenty first century screen bellows from a distant end ,

I am but to pick it up and there thee falls again …

My gawking eyes gaze on its gentle chassis ,

There is an air of tranquility now.

I strive for a petty dream , a good night’s rest

I do achieve what longed for but within my conscience,

Knowing not what lies in front of thy eyes

Perhaps an apparition

I am baffled

Is this thee world we live in ?

I reject the notion at once .

It is possibly the subconsciousness of my thoughts

I know not

I know not what I saw the previous dawn

It could be my imagination for I remember not

Oh! miserable me ,

And as I rub the sleep off my wearisome eyes ,

The dream catcher comes into its full hull .

Image by Pinterest

An ode to books

The rustling pages elapse

And time flees by .

I am dumbfounded over where I am –

In which world my soul rests .

My mind abounds in these very pages like a lost voyager embracing his travels

For that is what he finds solace in .

A sheer pleasure and rapturous joy not meant to be described .

I am afloat on a distant shore sailing my way to paradise a second ago –

Flying high on succulent clouds a second later .

I meet but many on the way amidst the turbid ebb and flow of human misery

Meeting so many on a moon blanched land.

The people there are not so great or Allmighty

yet they are the ones praised upon the most .

Their souls all transparent unfit for the human tribe .

The character becomes one of my very intimates

One of the sole companions I indulge into

Enriching the righteousness and wickedness both alike .

But then one fine day a tragedy occurs , an unfortunate circumstance.

And as soon as the pages cease to exist I am but lost to a dreary desolate world once again.

And for another time I am forced to keep the art back to where it longed for .

Image credit : Readers digest


The sun sets on the distant horizon

With its casting glow.

The year dawned upon the mankind

An unknown enemy unfolding it’s deadly blow .

The sadness is so everywhere

Very tormentous for humanmankind to bear

Still each day unfolds with a new ray of hope

Humans worldwide so struggling to cope .

When is this darkness ever going to end

Or is it never going to transcend !!!!!!!

The desolate raven perched on the tree

Keeps cawing so endlessly .

Human faces enveloped in distrust and fear

With ones lost so near and dear.

Let the sunshine bring a new tomorrow ,,

Ending all of the earth’s miseries and sorrow .

Let every face finally bloom with joy

Let not this virus so kill and destroy

Let us forever shun indulgence and greed

Which led to wiping off human creed.

Let there be no more corpse’s on the ground

Let there be peace and heavenly peace all-around

A short poem penned down by my mother

Image credit-the Irish times

The Spectator

The incident occurred more or less at this time of the month last year .It was the month of hot summers . The heat had been oppressive all throughout but with the mellowed sun the afternoon was a lot more refreshingly pleasant .

I had just crossed my own bylanes and was on the crossroads waiting with Toby . . The face . The figure . The lady so fragile and so frail . Often I wondered much later what had she done to face the eventualities of such a gruesome end . She perhaps would have been on the roads to meet someone eagerly awaiting and longing for her. What followed soon after as a series of events makes me thoughtful and heavily sigh at the insensitivity of the foolish humans . At the end who cares but only for themselves …..

As I remember that day was an ordinary one too .. Toby as usual was restless eager to have his afternoon walk . The streets were still scorched and empty and bore a deserted desolate look. It was almost around 4 in the afternoon . The lady who seemingly looked a little over sixty was on the verge of crossing the almost barren road . She had been clad in a simple saree with her hair neatly pinned up behind ,a stick on her weary hands .On the other shoulders she curled up a jute bag with all her accumulated strength . Her eyes dimmed by age held a steel rimmed spectacles.. She looked at Toby and gave an innocent child like smile all full of eagerness in her eyes .. Toby by then had been wagging his tail endlessly, perhaps too excited to venture out something new . And all of a sudden out of nowhere I managed to see a red car speeding up towards us and into the main road honking to its fullest .. it came to a screeching halt within the next fraction of a second . And that one second had cruelly snatched too precious a life ,now lying vulnerable and still on the rocky gravel . . It was so so terrible and all in an instant . The driver with no sense of remorse or grief frantically came out of his ride, his face so suggestive of sheer cruelty . His hair was not combed his beard uneven . He would be roughly about a forty. All he wore was a checked shirt with collars up and some ripped jeans. He stared silently at the still body and then within a blink of an eye he turned backward retracing his path to his own car . Before anyone could react the car had driven off out of our sight with an unreasonable speed . . I stood there .. my hands had almost frozen . I was too dumbfounded as if someone had seized my throat . . A silent baffled spectator . Toby by then was giving me a gentle pushwith the tip of his nose and forced me to move towards her.

Soon after I managed to call the police and the ambulance. Narrating to the authorities what had happened took a few more minutes. .She could not make it. Her soul in thin air. I called home telling I would be late. The authorities by now had taken her lifeless body …..

Needless to say people need to be free from the fear of guilt. If u know it was an accident then better be human enough to face it and not cowardly flee from it . At the end mistakes r always forgivable however grave it might be if one has that enough courage to admit …

Pandemic times

Hope smiles from the threshold of years to come , whispering ‘ it will be happier ‘. Maybe everybody beholds the same thoughts at this very critical moment , maybe not . In these dark and gloomy months of leading a sullen monotonous life what one needs is a little hope , a little hope in their solemn hearts .

It all began on the 25th of March , 2020 when the breaking news flashed the prime channels . The Prime Minister of India declared a 21 day lockdown for the novel Corona virus outbreak . Ever since then life has been the same – the usual routine . Man by nature is said to be a social animal and for man to stay at home – utter devastation . leading a life as a student , my routine has equally been affected . Like everyone even I miss a few things of the outside world . These few things would especially include my friends , my usual evening gym routine and going outside on weekends . Our school has now been conducting online classes – the first of its kind that we as a generation are witnessing . However this occupies most of my thought process and I have a reason to live on . This pandemic has freed me from an otherwise seemingly hectic stressful life conditions – now I have time to breathe and more time to sleep . On usual weekdays , I wake up at a late nine . After daily morning rituals of medicines and cleansing practices , I move forward to have tea in the balcony . This is the part of my day I rejoice the most . This has now become a family tradition . Each morning I am privileged to feel the breeze on my face . I hear the sounds of chirping birds and their lullabies . The sky is crystal clear and I know I am alive . I am grateful to God however the day be soporific . I start with my online classes henceforth . There are always some assignments to complete . At evening we watch a family movie or just sit staring at the television screen showing the local updates of the pandemic . I check the nearest case of the virus . By god’s grace there are none . I wash my hands . My mother an educator herself then starts with my studies . I finish yet another chapter . Dinner is ready . It is served on a platter . The day unfolds. It unfolds everyday yet I am happy for it to dawn this particular night . I take my medicines , wash my face and then making my bed , I am in slumber . This countinues for days unknown . I know that one day I will be freed from my cage . I would feel like a flying bird soaring up high in the mountains . I am given all privilidges in life but all I desire for is to wait for that one day . That one day when I will be able to fly .

I pray to God to save the innocent victims of this pandemic . May one day things return to normal . One day be it only one day . Amen .


As a therapist , I have come across several people who have an hidden fear in them . One may ask what is this fear about . This fear refers to not living up to one’s expectation . The fear of loosing in life . One may be afraid of heights , insects , ghosts , etc but if one tries to look back at their experience they may feel it was nothing .

Life is kind of like an adventure . Everyone has some sort of fear in them which is just a feeling. A phase of life . I clearly remember my childhood days . Everytime I saw a pest , I would start yelling and ended up with the whole neighborhood consoling me . When I look back now , I laugh at myself . When my patients ask me that how I am so jovial and carefree , I tell them that it was what I was supposed to be , but frankly speaking that is not the truth . I have one fear in life . The fear of losing myself . Packed up in a daily schedule is quite monotonous . One is so engrossed in work , they hardly find time for themselves and tend to loose the person who they were . That was one reason I choose my career as a therapist . It gave me time to think and at the same time do my work , help people. When at times I feel down , I try to communicate with myself and I am back to the normal me . Being myself does not mean to be the same person I was throughout life . It means to not loose originality of the soul . Every morning I wake up is a new day . A day to improve myself . I remind my patients that fears are a passing phase of life . What one finds scary one day may seem normal to the same person the next day .

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind . What it takes is to get over it .

“Courage is not the absence of fear , but the triumph over it . The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid , but he who conquers that fear .”- Nelson Mandela

The journey

29th July , 2019 – Mumbai . The hither and thither of local commuters and the heavy downpour of incessant rains . At such a dull season who can have the energy to have an early start? This was my case.

I was supposed to board a train in the morning at an inconveniencing 7am . I had prepared everything in advance,from my luggage to the first class boarding tickets . Everything was set . I had put approximately five to six alarms in order to have an early rise , but destiny had something else in mind . Due to some technicalities or perhaps a silly issue of charging , my phone had betrayed me for the second time , but I was not a person to give up . Or maybe I was, if it wasn’t for an important meeting I had to attend .

The other day my ever consistent persuasive boss , a plum faced man , with a rather evil smile had scheduled the meeting in the morning . It was indeed a big opportunity for me to show my skills and I couldn’t let go of it .

So , I decided to board the early local bus which crossed our area everyday . With a rush , I frantically left my sweet , sometimes loud , full of love home with much disapproval of course . Anyways , I managed to board the bus travelling from the suburbs of Mulund to BKC with one of my legs dangling in the air . The so called interior of the bus was further chaotic with not a single foot of space to breathe and coexist for a few hours . Abuses were lashed at me , even though I pretended to ignore them . I thought of myself as water . That water which couldn’t be cut by a knife or broken by a hammer . That water which flowed continuously without hesitating to pause for a rock in its meandering ways . The Mumbai rains were a rock for me at that moment but I didn’t bother. An hour or so of a never ending moment finally came to a cease . Anyways on having neared my destination , I decided to walk rather peacefully the rest of my journey . Thankfully , I had an umbrella handy . So , I made a quick go . when I reached the colonial old office building , I had a quick look at my papers which I needed for the days presentation . They were all fine except for one small raindrop which I eventually managed to land safely in one of the glistening white sheets . Thanks to the divine presence , the meeting went all well . It even received a good round of applause .

The day though a tormentous one , taught me one thing in life . Be unstoppable . If life gives you lemons just add some salt and tequila .

Rumour is a great traveller

Rumour is a great traveller ‘ this quote can often be related to in real life . This is because rumours are more exciting than the truth as said by Venus Williams . Rumours are like fires . No one admits to start them and before you know it they are all over . Let me narrate a story regarding it.

2010 , in the small town of Vietnam lived a rather shy girl named Su Mui . Like most other students of her school she too hated exams and often bitterly failed . She hated admitting her faults which was quite obvious of her age. When her friends asked why she failed or what went wrong she gave them excuses which were not reasonably good enough . Once she told them that the evil spirits of the school did not let her write the exam properly . This was definitely a blatant lie . However , some first graders believed it eventually . This got passed so fast that almost the whole school was aware of it by now . One fine day it so happened that an article got published in the news saying that there are spirits in the famous Vietnamese school who don’t allow students to write their exams . All students were asked who started all of this and Sui Mui was caught . She had to reveal the truth in front of the whole media .

Hence never believe anything so easily . Analyse it first before spreading the news . Remember this can happen with you too . As Mark Twain says ” A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ” Wishing you peace and laughter.

A bit of evidence 🔎

” It’s not my fault” he shouted . A dead man about eighty years old lay on his bare hands . No one believed him . Mr Harry a renowned detective was called to investigate the case . ” William” Mr Harry began . The man was shocked for a second . ” What you know my name ? ” the man yelled . ” If you want to preserve your incongito I suggest you cease that name upon the lining of your hat. “Mr Harry told in a calm voice .

William had no idea what to reply , so he got directly to the point. He explained that when he was walking to his house , he heard a scream , when he went in he saw a dead man lying on the floor. Mr Harry shook his head gently and then taking a magnifying glass began to investigate the body .

The body was that of a pale man . There were bruises and scratch marks all over his body but no fingerprints were found!

This was shocking indeed , but what happened next was truly astounding. The dead man’s identity card was found on the floor soaked with blood .Mr Harry immediately picked it up and washed it carefully . It said that the mans name was ‘ IT ‘ and he was a hundred years old. Mr Harry immediately went to the department office and went through all the names but the mans name was not seen anywhere.

This case had not been solved for ten years. Some people said that the body was that of a ghost trying to kill itself while some said it was William who killed the man. Anyways this case remained a mystery till the year 1998 and till then the body decayed.

In 1998 a young lady named Mrs Coraline came to know about the mystery . She had twenty years of experience in being a detective. She pleaded the court if she could solve the case and the court agreed. She went to the scene where the murder had taken place . The body had already been buried at that time . She went through the mans house looking for clues and finally came through a bit of evidence, a small diary . Coraline went through its contents slowly. Suddenly something caught her eye. The note said :

It’s a rainy day. Today William and I had a bad fight. I know that it is my fault .I hope the revenge is not much

This could be the piece of evidence that would solve the case . She even found the mans real identity card in one of his cupboards . His name was Edward .

Anyways the case had finally come to an end . William was arrested and the dead man’s body finally found justice . Hence nothing is impossible in life it just needs a bit of evidence.

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